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Passion for Invention and Innovation

Every enterprise has a story. Ours begins in 1988 at a small venture capital backed start up by the name of Transition Technology.  Transition Technology was founded by executives and investors of several successful Massachusetts companies such as Analogic, Analog Devices, Andover Controls and Modicon.

Joe Fortier and Moe Vincent, iMagic's founders,  met while at Transition Technology where they first worked together as engineers. Joe eventually moved into product marketing and then sales, eventually becoming Director of Marketing and Sales.

Together, they were instrumental in the realization of two successive control system products that would become key components of distributed control systems sold by ABB, Honeywell, General Electric, IBM and Emerson Process Management.  

In addition to wide market acceptance, these products also eventually led to the successful acquisition of the firm, first, by MTL Instruments and then General Electric Intelligent Systems.

After Transition's acquisition, Joe and Moe founded iMagic in May of 1994.They wanted to continue their passion for invention and innovation. Since iMagic's founding we have surrounded ourselves with a team of intelligent, passionate and accomplished R & D professionals.

iMagic has deployed hundreds of successful designs. There is hardly a corner of the world that does not have one of our designs helping to light the lights, make steel, build cars or produce food.

We provide our customers with the intellectual resources necessary to compete for market leadership. Our success and growth is realized through the success of our customers and is essential to allow us to continue to ply our beloved engineering trade. We believe the keys to our collective success are found in the following iMagic principles:

  1. Safety is more important than profit.
  2. “It has to work” is second only to safety.
  3. Personal intellectual capability must be utilized and realized in the pursuit of problem solving and technology products that are superior.
  4. Continuous learning and curiosity is essential.
  5. Competence is the combination of ability and performance.
  6. Informality is an effective atmosphere to promote communication, the free flow of ideas, and the process of technology invention.
  7. Candor combined with respect and civility is key to the exchange of ideas.
  8. Efficient use of our resources is survival and assures we will be around to invent our way to success.

We hope that you will allow us to put our years of experience and vibrant talented team to work for your success.