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Analog Design Experience

Analog circuit design expertsIMagic has the hardware skills necessary to deliver world class process control, automation, instrumentation and mission critical electronic hardware products. Our design and analysis skills coupled with application expertise results in reduced iterations, increased product reliability and utility.  




The following is a list of some of our areas of analog circuit design expertise.

  • High speed communications, from multi-gigabit fiber optics to wired serial
  • Industrial and process control communications circuits
  • Digital audio
  • Feedback and control loops, Phase lock loops
  • Amplifiers, Active filters, comparators, detectors, demodulators, RF and audio components
  • Data acquisition, all varieties of A/Ds, D/As
  • Discrete transistor, MOSFET and other semiconductor circuits
  • Electro optics, lasers and LED's
  • Noise susceptibility and emissions reduction and analysis
  • Precision Motion control and positioning systems.
  • Batteries, charging systems; NiCad, NiMH, Lithum ion
  • Switching and Linear power supplies designs of all sizes
  • Analog sensor inputs, analog drive signals, binary input and binary output pilot signal conditioning interfaces for instrumentation, process control and factory automation