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Gentex Corporation: Driver Software Development for LVIS Intercom System

Custom software development services from iMagic.Gentex Corporation is a global provider and the partner of choice for personal protection and situation awareness products, systems and platforms. More specifically, the company's offerings encompass aircrew life support systems, helmet mounted displays, ground soldier protective equipment, high-performance textiles and communications equipment.

In 2007 the Gentex Electro Acoustic division located in Manchester NH was in development of a new line of digital Littoral Vehicle Intercom Systems (LVIS). This device is an innovative and economical intercom system that allows crew members in small vehicles used by the US Coast Guard, US Navy and ground forces to intercommunicate electronically without impediment in the midst of engine, weather or warfare noise.

Imagic was initially contracted by GENTEX to develop a suite of Linux device drivers for an LCD display, fast Ethernet switches, MAC's and PHY's. The version of Linux employed was uCLinux for embedded processors customized to support the Analog Devices Blackfin ADSP-BF537 digital signal processor. Imagic has a wealth of experience with Analog Devices DSP's from the 2100 series devices to the latest Sharc products.

Our technical and on time performance success with the drivers led Gentex to offer us an expanded role. We now spearheaded software architecture, software project management, algorithm development, Windows application development and initial deployment customer service.

We instituted a structured development process, strategically improved the product architecture, delivered the designs on time, according to schedule and supported a successful deployment into mission critical rescue and combat applications.

Gentex Corporation is a continuing, important and valued client and partner.  We highly value our long relationship, are very proud of the outcome and appreciate the opportunity to be part of the Gentex team.