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Case Studies to Help You Sleep Better

Trouble sleeping? Insomniac? Or just can't get enough of our control systems? Either way, we've posted a few examples of our work below. These will give you an understanding of our approach to problem solving. Whether you need to work inside the box, think outside of it, or create a completely new box, we can help. It certainly helps our clients sleep better. Sweet dreams.

Still can't sleep? Or just want more? Read on...

Though these are indeed representative of the nature and chronological arc of our client's relationships, they can't communicate the breadth of our company's technical experience. Since 1994 iMagic has successfully delivered hundreds of successful designs to our clients. 

Our work is centered on the design of electronics and software to perform electronic measurement, control, communication and display of real world physical phenomenon. Our efforts produce hardware, software and systems used for instrumentation, data acquisition, communications and control. 
Within this niche our designs are widely used for electronic process control of power, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and petroleum plants. Our designs are also utilized for machine control, industrial automation, test and measurement and military applications. 
IMagic designs are currently in use in factories helping them to manufacture automobiles, integrated circuits, televisions and process yogurt. Our efforts have produced fiber optic and wired communications networks to exchange data in monitoring and control systems for waste water treatment facilities, power distribution networks, steel mills and even major amusement parks, you know, the one with the mouse. 
Our knowledge of digital signal processing has begotten motion controllers that finely position wafer handling robotics in an ion beam implanter, flame detectors, temperature controllers, and temperature measurement devices used in all manner of industrial furnaces and combustion control applications. 
The size and complexity of these systems ranges from distributed process control systems that monitor and update over 30,000 individual inputs or outputs spread out by communication networks over miles of geographical area. Conversely, we have designed miniature controls for hand held glue gun controls that make sure the glue stick melts at just the right temperature on top of your table. 
Whether controlling an oil refinery, a nuclear power plant or a school teacher's glue gun, we are experts at monitoring, harnessing and controlling the physics, biology and chemistry of Mother Nature to develop useful products.
We are passionate about what we do and enjoy the wonderful complexity of our work. It is our hope these examples might convince you to contact us so that we might partner together towards the realization of your next project or product.